Monday, April 30, 2012

Cheese and Wine in San Francisco, April 2012

A quick trip up to the city with Mandy and Krista to taste California cheeses and wines-brilliant idea!  Turns out that if you want to become a cheesemonger (not a profession I but on my list when I was ten, but maybe now that I am 40 my list should be revised) there are classes for that!  The Cheese School in San Francisco for example-who knew!

And if you want to be a knowledgeable cheese eater instead, you can take classes on that too!  The first available class happened to be all about California cheeses and wines-nice!

The space is small but nicely laid and they don't bring in too many people so it feels intimate, not crowded.  We got to taste 4 wines and 9 cheeses and a bunch of yummy extras (raspberry champagne jelly!).  The instructors were knowledgeable and engaging, one for the cheese, one for the wine.  First they explain about the cheese/wine-where exactly it came from and what was special about it, what to look for during tasting, why they paired this wine with that cheese.  But then they encouraged us to try different pairing, because you just never know what will taste good to you.

We had a fantastically fun time, all the cheese and wine was lovely, we learned interesting tidbits and more about what we liked in wine and cheese and we got to be a bit tipsy and silly.  What's not to love about that!


  1. Are there any good washed-rind cheeses from CA? Also, do they have curds (I have to ask)?

  2. ummm...that question didn't come up in the class! We did talk about rinds, and how you can eat most of them, but not cloth!

    I never see curds-I must admit I haven't tried to hunt them down though. I will keep a better eye and let you know!