Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tahoe, July 2012

A quick trip to Tahoe to see my little friend in his first Triathalon.

My young friend, age 6, was doing his first triathalon at Lake Donner, so of course I wanted to see that. The family got a Lake Donner home rental that was of course amazing. Ping pong table, bunk beds, hot tub, view of the lake, giant everything-the couch had 11 sectional pieces! We ate snacks and drank wine on the deck as the sun went down and in the morning walked down the hill to the lake for the race.

The race was pretty much the cutest thing ever-all these tiny people in what feels like a grown-up activity. The different ages started in different waves so everyone was spread out across the course and it gave just the right level of activity on the course.

                                                                              Go #50!!

Afterwards I spent the weekend north of Sacramento with my very pregnant friend who made me my favorite-snickerdoodles!! We tamed weeds, picked giant zucchini and ate-basic chillaxing :)