Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Y2K in the UP

New Years week, 1999-2000 in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Remember Y2K?  When if the computers didn't get the time and date upgrade there was the possibility that all of civilization would shut down?  We had a great plan-go somewhere where if it all shut down it wouldn't matter.  A friend had a share in a cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and 6 of us went up there for ~5 days and had a fantastic time!

Biggles the Airman is satisfied.  We ate pretty much the entire time :)

Or went out to play in the day time

We had to bring all the camping stuff-there were basic bunk beds, a wood stove and peppermint schnaps.  You know, the basics.

The propane stove and prep table.

Yes, that is the outhouse....

It was gorgeous-we did a day of cross county skiing to see the lake and the waterfalls

How cute is the cabin!

Cheers at midnight as the world-as-we-know-it doesn't end.  GreenEyedGirl-no photos of you because you were taking the pics on actual film!

I guess I do like this haircut that I've had for 2 decades!

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