Monday, February 17, 2014

Firehole Falls and elk, Epic Yellowstone, Day 1

Epic Yellowstone, 2013

Yellowstone National Park is one of America's most visited destinations.  And yet e- and I had never been.  GreenEyedGirl spent 6 weeks each summer in the park and we tried for a decade to plan a trip together.  It finally came together in our epic Yellowstone adventure of 2013-boy the wait was worth it.

Yellowstone trip
We made it!  Pretty much everyone stops to take this photo-it got so busy that the park moved the signed to a spot with more parking.  As a bonus Mayfly (GreenEyedGirls mom and a 35 yr veteran of Yellowstone) and Bunny came with us.  

We started in Silicon Valley with our rental RV-woot!

 One of the smaller ones, which made it easier to drive and cozy.  We left in the evening and spent the night in a Walmart parking lot outside of Sacramento.  We had heard it is a thing that people do-yup, we were not the only ones, so yes, confirmed-it is a thing! and we have done it!  After that one night though we stopped at Flying Js, which are all over the places you need them and you can get a shower for $12!

 Naturally we stopped in Reno

to eat at the breakfast buffet!

Everything is shiny and bright in the casinos.

On the drive up to the park we had bad timing and were not able to visit either the Museum of Clean or the Idaho Potato Museum.  Next time!  We did do a quick drive through the Salt Lake City airport to pick up Mayfly-woo hoo!
We arrived at our camping site (though not coveted E67) and put up our tent and the all important tarp-keeps the sun and the rain off perfectly.

And we're off to see the sights!  

Taking one of the smaller side roads leads to our first waterfalls.


And an old survey marker-they are pretty useful as they are the basis for all the maps and information of the US.  I always keep my eye out for these-you never know where they will be!

When travelling through Yellowstone, drive slowly and stop if there is a crowd.  Sometimes you can't see until you get out of the car.  

Our very first animal spotting is an elk!  During the rest of the trip we don't see many more, but we here them late at night .  They have a strange, almost whistling sound and they are getting ready to mate.  

One of the elk watchers was driving this around....he was busy talking to other folks or I might have just had to ask why he was driving this through Yellowstone?!?

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