Monday, March 3, 2014

The Canyon of Yellowstone, Epic Yellowstone, Day 3

Epic Yellowstone 2013

Yet another amazing waterfall-this is the biggest and most popular.

We make it an early morning to take advantage of the light and smaller crowds to see the waterfall from Artistic Point, which everyone wants to photograph.

Cause it's amazing!

We also manage to get the iconic shot.

But I was still in pajamas.  I drove while while others kept sleeping and then didn't bother to change before we hurried out to see the falls. We had breakfast in the Artistic Point parking lot and THEN got ready for the day.  Gotta love the RV! 

Rather than dash off after visiting the point, we took a moment to hike the forest trail.  It quickly becomes green and shady.  So cool that fungi are able to grow.  This is one of the best things about taking a little longer to see the park-it is okay to take 20 minutes to explore a side path.

Lone bison that we spotted in the early morning drive.
 When a male gets too old to have a herd he generally goes off by himself.  They will often be found near human structures which the herds tend to avoid.  Don't be fooled-they are not friendly!  Think of them as a cranky and potentially violent, though they are a nice photo from the car.

There have multiple stops to view the waterfalls and canyon.

 Living in a drought area has really made me appreciate water...

There are a number of great hikes but many of them are quite steep.  This was a short one to get a better view of the falls and worth every step back up.

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