Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day 2014, 3D puzzles are hard!

Memorial Day weekend 2014

We got to go to a friends house in the Morro Day area over Memorial Day weekend-yeah!  We did so many fun things but I got obsessed with the puzzle.  These 3D ones are harder than you think!

A couple others got obsessed as well and we finished just before heading out :)

We went wine tasting

at Tablas Creek and Terry Hoage-both have many lovely wines.

We played great games: The Great Dalmuti, Apples to Apples and Split Decision

We went to the beach, though only a few were willing to brave the cold water

 I did not go in but instead played with the sand crabs-do you know how many are under there?  When the water goes out, scrape with your foot and you will see them all scrabble about-icky!

And at the end we ate in downtown Morro Bay
you know you are there when you see the 3 stacks. 

We even got to see some maritime history.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WDW Tinkerbell's butterfly garden, Flower Show

May 2014

Epcot's Flower show featured Tinkerbell's butterfly garden-amazing!  There were tons of flowers and butterflies and more than a few fairy houses.

appropriate art 

 freshly emerged and drying butterflies

The Flower Show did a nice job on the topiaries

and exhibit gardens

my personal favorite topiaries

such detail in the expressions

so cute!


Pictures in front and back of the famous Epcot golf ball.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stanford campus

May 2014
With an hour to spare you can see the highlights of the Stanford campus.  Drive down the palm entrance and circle for parking...a couple times round the circle should do it.  It used to be free, but not anymore-it is more expensive than downtown!

There must be a gabillion of this classic photo

 Memorial chapel-there are quite a few weddings so you won't be able to go in some weekends, but the outside is gorgeous.

Of course go inside if you can

Their lantanas are in bloom!

 Hoover Tower

The Clock

at the base you can see the actual clock mechanism-neato!

 Of all the art this is my fave