Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day tour in Shanghai

Shanghai, Nov 2011

Nanpu bridge over the Huangpo River.  This is ten lanes and 46 meters high for all the river traffic underneath.  The entrance ramp we are on is a big circle to get everyone to the height of the bridge!

Whenever you are in a new city and don't know what to do-Bid Red Bus tour!  This way you hit the highlights, can look more closely at what interests you, and take a nap when the mood strikes.

Some of the photos are artistically black and white, but some are just because it was grey and drizzly.
just a hint of color on the boat and the grass.

Shanghai was much larger than I realized-turns out to be the largest city in the world.  It is ~23 million, which is about 4 times bigger than my home region of the San Francisco Bay area.  So right-phew!

The Bund is the famous riverside road with all the older financial/government buildings

The Oriental Pearl Television Tower is one of the most famous landmarks.  If it is a nice day it is supposed to be a nice view, but also hours long wait to go up and down.  

Especially at night you can orient yourself with the tower.

I'm pretty sure they mean Insect Museum but we didn't stop to find out.

Jing'an temple

A few nice panoramas of the night skyline

And I can't for the life of me remember exactly what this was.  I think it was the underground tunnel from the Bund, the sightseeing tunnel.  I do remember it was trippy!

Note to self!
This is the most poorly prepared I have ever been for a foreign trip.  We took different flights and mine was delayed so our planned meet-up didn't happen.  I didn't know the exchange rate, but I used the ATM anyway.  Pick the second from the top amount, which is usually ~$200.  My phone didn't work, since I was going to be with Mindy who does more international traveling I didn't bother.  But I picked a nice lady at a travel booth who let me use her phone.  Thank goodness Mindy gave the name of the hotel and phone number!  The airport people who are supposed to be helpful ignore you completely if they don't know English (they are embarrassed and just want you to leave).  And of course the taxi driver says Yes Yes Yes when asked he he takes credit, but then is confused when you arrive (always stop at the ATM!).  Luckily I have good instincts and don't panic.  And Since Mindy and I traveled together before, we kind of just knew that we would meet up and she didn't panic!

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