Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rainy days in Calistoga, but the mud is warm

February 2014

I STILL love the mud bath....so I had to show Kahn.  We stayed at my favorite mudbath spot, Indian Springs.  The pool is amazing at any time and maybe even nicer in the rain.

But we had the luck to go up on a rainy weekend.  In the midst of one of our worst droughts.  What can you do-we hung out in the pool, were warm in the mud, and hunkered in doors.  

The patio was damp, but it is good for the olive trees

rain on the water features is funny

I swear that one of these times I'll play bocce ball, but not while it is raining

So misty

 Some days you get amazing views of the Golden Gate and some days you don't!

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