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Singapore and hibachi dinner in Shanghai November 2011

A few days in Singapore and few days in Shanghai for work, Nov 2011

Even when working I try to get in some fun.  Most places in Singapore have great food because the competition is so fierce the mediocre places don't survive.  If you are at a Hawker Center (like a mall, but all food) the rules are pretty simple:  pick your table and leave your packet of tissues to signify that it is takes.  Look around for the stalls with the longer lines.  Join the line and order what everyone else is ordering.  You may go to several different stalls for different items.  Don't forget the fresh fruit or juice it is specially good out here.

On this trip we went for dinner with our co-workers to No Signboard Restaurant (No Name) for a fun dinner.
Passing the extravagant Christmas displays

We ate every tasty thing imaginable.

This was the trip where I lost my phone by leaving it in a taxi. But the taxi service found and delivered it!  It helps to have some distinctive stickers on the back of a generic blackberry.

Mindy V and I then traveled to Shanghai for a customer visit.  We also managed to have a little more fun-imagine that.  First-the eating-because we love the eating.
We found a delightful hibachi grill

many courses but small bites

all beautifully plated

and the drinking

which totally explains why I was so smitten with the chef and look extra goofy

Our view out to the river during dinner.  See that bright shiny blue boat?

See it now?

How about this one?  Holy cow they like the neon boats almost as much as in Hong Kong!

The next day we were lucky to find a lunch spot.  It was a big day for wedding banquets and a number of places were closed for the private party

but somehow we managed....

and they even had delightful drinks-we like that!

Once again huge thanks to Mindy V for the photos!!

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