Saturday, July 5, 2014

Coral Castle, a serious obsession

Coral Castle, June 2014

On our way to the World Cup we had an extra day in Miami.  Did we go to the beach?  Did we see the art deco area?  Did we party all night?  No, no we did not.  We went to the movies (Maleficent-good choice, plus air conditioned) and Coral Castle.  I think we chose wisely.  I like to see what obsessed people build, like House on the Rock, and Coral Castle is in that group.

This is Ed.  He is the one who was obsessed.  He got dumped the day before his wedding, so he came to America and built the Coral Castle.  For his non-existant family to live in.  It includes 2 child sized beds and all the comforts of home, just built out of coral limestone.  So that it is extra comfortable....
She was 16 so the 'sweet sixteen' theme comes up because in Ed's head she never aged.

An overhead view

and a map

Ed had a thing about secrecy so he did all his building and moving at night and there is still debate about how he moved and built everything.  

The  reading chairs are more comfortable than you think. 

Yes, this is the kitchen.  The cooker is some engine part that functions like a slow cooker.  Put in meat and veg in the morning, lower into the coals and cook until dinner.

Heh.  I didn't actually read an explanation of the scary face, but it is pretty spooky.

This is where Ed actually slept while building the castle.

Ed's tools.  He liked to use parts of old trucks repurposed as tools.

The dining area

The dining table is also known as the Florida table...because that is the shape of Florida.

including Lake Okeechobee.

He was interested in astronomy and even built a telescope into the castle
this is the moon fountain

the night sky, yes that is Saturn in the back

'decapitated head' photo

The mirror is actually pretty good!
Overall the place is pretty disturbing-there is a mother-in-law chair which is the most uncomfortable and a 'repentance corner' where he imagined he would punish the children AND his wife.
So yeah, definitely worth your time if you are in the area.

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