Sunday, September 28, 2014

Manaus, the zoo and our homes away from home

June 2014, Manaus

Manaus is home to the only zoo operated by a military.  The Brazilian army does a lot of jungle training, and when they come across injured animals they bring them back to the zoo.
This was the only snake we saw and I'm fine with that!

The birds were pretty awesome

Of course there were monkeys

When we weren't on the cruise we stayed with AirBNB hosts. The Brazilians that we met were the friendliest hosts I have found in the world.  They were fun and genuinely wanted us to be having the best time possible-and we did, it could not have been better.
We will never forget our first home-a modern apartment with a fantastic set of hosts.  We had a great time watching the matches in air conditioned comfort, saw a bit of the city 
and made my statue of liberty costume here.

We didn't completely get our act together food wise so we ended up eating creatively a few times-that would be a crema and vienna sausage sandwich.  Thank god for the panini maker! We also make the famous corned-beef stir fried rice-a classic that I am sure will some day hit it big....

For a couple hours we called this hotel bar our home

It was great!  Drinks and bar food and the match on tv.

Our final space was the top floor of a family house, newly redecorated

How cute are these tiles!  The butterflies look like stenciling-I love the effect. 

But we didn't have to use the kitchen at all-the miracle of a neighbor who is also a chef and brought us a restaurant quality meal every night.
We got to taste the best of all the local fish dishes and fruit juices.  That was an amazing bonus to an already great trip.

We <3 Manaus!!

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