Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day weekend 2015-swineapple and bike ride

Memorial Day weekend 2015

A couple memorable things this weekend-first, the swineapple.  That would be pineapple stuffed with pork ribs and covered in bacon.
Finished product-next time I would use more bacon.

2 pineapples

pared and cored

1 lb peppered bacon

3 boneless country style pork ribs

green onions just cause

The pork and green onions go inside

recreate the pineapple and wrap with bacon

I used a bunch of toothpicks

but wish I had more bacon.  Troy helped by trussing it before smoking-that is the way to go!

finished pile of swineapple-delicious and pretty easy

Had a great bike ride with Krista.  In the park was a Minecraft party.

It was hard to photograph the tnt because all the kids wanted it :)

We biked under the 280 to get to the Sawyer Camp trail

and bike past the Crystal Springs Reservoir.

On the trail is one of California's oldest Laurel trees-who knew!

 Watch us bike!



The dam at the top of the reservoir-just before the final climb!

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