Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Vancouver 2015, oh the food!

June 2015
Vancouver is definitely a foodie hot spot.  We ate so many good things!!

fun cappuccino is my vacation drink

Our first big hit was Medina-breakfast in the main

turns out they have nice drinks

mini Belgian waffles for dessert-about 10 different topping options

 Earl's is a small Vancouver chain with a little of everything
love the slogan

great outdoor seating

fun drinks, this one has honey, hence the bear cup

bi bim bop-super tasty

Now, we did not eat out all the time, and just to prove it I photographed my lovely veggie scramble and toast :)

so good we had to go back...

because we had to drink all the fancy drinks

Sat at the bar-fantastic!!  Really great bartender, she was able to mix complex drinks, get our order and be entertaining at the same time.  

She even let us read her bar books :)

one thing we didn't manage to do...oh well, next time!

lovely Mediterranean feast with some local friends

Finally I have to mention Uva wine and cocktail bar.  Truly fantastic hand crafted cocktails-we heard about it from the bar master Trixie at Medina and we had the nicest time trying fun drinks while people watching.

Yeah-food in Vancouver, can't go wrong!

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