Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, June 2015

Grouse Mountain, June 2015

North of Vancouver is Grouse Mountain-skiing in the winter, family activities in the summer.  Famous for the hiking trail, the Grind, that folks love to run up.  
top of the trail

We took the gondola :)

great views

The park is dotted with fun carvings

Most are animals...but this one is an ode to the chainsaw.

Such detail!

The resident bears that have been here since they were abandoned cubs, Grind and Koola.

The best was the lumberjack show.

Climb to the top and do crazy things like handstands.  I had to look away quite a bit.

Then the competition begins.
axe throwing

hand sawing

up and down.  It was so fast!!!  like 5 seconds fast-seems impossible.

Log rolling!

Photos for all at the end.  So cute!

Finally all the wildflowers-they even had a special bee garden, but the flowers were all over the place.

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