Friday, March 11, 2016

Hanson travel, Alaska

Hanson travel, Alaska

Dramatic!  I want to see this in person some day!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hanson travel, Midwest fall leaves

Hanson travel, Midwest fall leaves

Clearly we are in St. Louis!

Abe Lincoln's cabin-I should go see this!

My guess is that this is the St. Louis botanical gardens

From atop the arch?

Classic midwest farm scenes

Final pic from the arch.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Books and Puzzles Feb 2016

Books and Puzzles, Feb 2016

This has been a good month for puzzles!
First up a 4-D puzzle of San Francisco.
First a map of San Francisco in the late 1800s

Then a foam layer of current day.  Then a set of buildings.

Place the buildings in chronological order and you have your fourth D!

-by Neil Gaiman
Sandman volume 4:  Finished!  I love re-reading this, but realized that the series ended in 1996...huh

During the wet weather we have had some rainbows.

-by Nancy Marie Brown
Ivory Vikings:  The mystery of the most famous chessmen in the world and the woman who made them. Fantastic history book, just as the sub-title says.  I learned a lot about Iceland, which is handy since that is our next big trip!

-by Carlos Bueno
Lauren Ipsum, A Story About Computer Science and Other Improbable Things:  A fun intro to a few computer-y science-y ideas.  Appropriate for middle school age kids.

My Christmas cactus bloomed at the right time this year-and so many blooms!!

-by NoViolet Bulawayo
We Need New Names: A coming of age story of a young girl who starts off in Zimbabwe but comes to America.  No real plot, just the thoughts and feelings.  Love the descriptive writing-words boil, houses glare-brings everything to life.

A fun puzzle of New York sky scrapers-the cat loves puzzles...well sleeping on the finished product and trying to eat the pieces anyway!

House in the country panorama puzzle.

-by Edwidge Danticat
Claire of the Sea Light: I stumbled on this one in my e-books at the library and it was just delightful.  The intertwined lives of people in a small town in Haiti.

-by Alexander Elder
Trading for a Living:  This is aimed at day traders, which I am not, but I got some good insights anyway.

Parade of Cows, with mini-cows.  This one was fast and fun.

Gorgeous art puzzle.  The borders made a good start, but then we hit the wall with the ladies-colors are similar and the style is watercolor, making it hard to figure it out.  It came together eventually with much trial and error.

Waldo visits a vampire party.

I hate your puzzle obsession-here, let me help.

Next month fewer puzzles, more books :)