Thursday, March 9, 2017

Board Game Geek Game Convention 2016

BGGcon 2016

BGGcon is maybe the best 4 days of the year.  Playing games all day, brand new or old favorites, strangers or old friends.  So good!
Surprisingly not stupid.  This is a party game, great for med-large groups, goes fast, easy to follow rules.  But can you craft a winning strategy?  Doesn't matter because it is so fun to play!

Ah Fireball Island.  I'm always shocked when I find it in the library.  Why aren't more people playing this all the time?

Another FF game.  Also simple rules but game play that evolves.  

A bit of a legacy type game and super cute meeples-snake meeple!!

One of the hotness this year.  
Feels like a more complex Patchwork.  Didn't buy, still happy with Patchwork.

Giant Settlers!

Played a round of The Bloody Inn, which we have been playing at home-you end the game wanting 'just one more turn'.

The hotness from last year.
Only got to play it this year-I like it!  How to play your pieces to maximize points now and later.

 Last year we spent an hour learning the rules, so by gosh we WILL play it again.
Pretty satisfying.  Build your dungeon, fill it with monsters, destroy the adventurers.

So fun!!  After the beating they took in the dungeon, the adventures need a vacation.  So of course you want to make it nice for them-and that will help you win the game.

 Oh this is beautiful!  Have only played it once, need to play a few more times to get the feel.

Total random pick from the library.
 Turns out to be one of best 2-players I've seen.
One person is the hunter/lumberjacks.  The other is the animals.
Initially all the spaces are covered with the pieces upside down.  Reveal who is where in the forest and direct your pieces to capture points.

Chthulu Wars was the biggest hotness last year, so we played it this year.
We were pressed for time and only got in a few rounds, including a knock-down, drag-em out fight-pretty much the point of the game.

Playing pieces are super cool, yes, but the game play can't justify the amount of space this would take up.

A super fun classic-and I actually won!  I'm usually too conservative and wind up with an almost undamaged car, which will not win you the game, but this time I burned just enough gas, brakes and tires.

As a biochemist I always like to check out the science games.  This one is origins of life-totally my field!

This gets a qualified thumbs up because while it is quite is also complicated.  Not stupidly complicated, but still.  The rule book has footnotes on pretty much every page-if you liked Infinite Jest then this may be the game for you!

 Remember Clue?  And how it was mostly fun, but had a few slow parts?  This is a much better version!  

It can still be a bit slow with the larger number of players, but I found it worthwhile.   Love the art!

Hmmm, have forgotten the name of this one.  A bit long for convention, since you have to spend an hour learning the rules.  A random hex placement by another player can leave you in a tough spot where you get shut out of most of the game.  But the different races and their different powers are cool.

Newest version of the build your town game-improved game play.

Power Grid the card game.  I am one of the few people who still hasn't played the original.  But bidding is not my thing so that is not really a surprise.  Fast game play and fun art.

Coal Baron the Big Card Game

Get coal, put in on the right trains in the right order.  Make deliveries, get points!  Super reasonable.

I heard this is awesome-both the theme and the game play, but it was always checked out.  Maybe next year.

Doggy Go!  This was terrible..or at least not good, but the box is adorable :)

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