Friday, October 15, 2010

Getting ready

I love getting ready for a trip-you get to check out all the places you might go to, the food you might eat, the places you visit.  But then there is the getting ready on the day of the trip-yikes!  All that work before you leave. What is the weather going to be?  Do I have clothes for that?  Print boarding passes.  Which books to bring, which maps?  Maybe just a photocopy?  Electrical adapters?  Cash?  Stuff to do on the plane?  (And now, when am I going to blog about it?  Before, during, after?)

And then I remember-I can buy anything I forget.  Passport, ticket, money and some basics?  It is all going to be okay.  And soon I will be in a new place, checking out all that stuff I planned-woo hoo!

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