Thursday, September 17, 2020

My stationary through the years

My stationary through the years

I'm not the best at writing physical letters, but I'm not the worst!  Turns out I love stationary and always have.  Most folks would use their stationary until it is gone and then buy new.  I love to not completely finish a set and then buy new.  So I have a plastic bin with almost gone sets.  I took a little nostalgia tour the other day.  Here is the best/most interesting of what is left.  I love all of these so much!

My mom's air weight stationary from ~1965!

My parents lived in Micronesia for about a year and certainly my mom wrote home on this super light-weight paper.  I love it!  I can't quite bring myself to use it, and I'm not sure who I would send it to.

You know how they say you turn into your mother?  So True!!  I make travel notes like this and have a hard time spelling beautiful-LOL!!  I love to see that my parents went nightclubbing three nights in a row!!

My very first stationary, approximately 1977, elementary school.  It has my address printed on it.  You write on the other side, fold it up and put a sticker to hold it together.  I still have the original plastic bag it some in, though the snap is broken.  I have no idea who I was writing to!  My grandmothers?

In fifth grade we moved and I was so sad to lose my best friend!  Of course we pledged to write each other and I bought stationary specific to the occasion.  

It turns out that it was meant to be for romantic partners, but I don't think I realized that at the time.  Though I do seem to have not mailed the more racy ones so maybe I figured it out when I opened it.

Her parents would have had a cow if I sent this one!  I'm super impressed that there are no duplicates.  I have no idea if I will ever use these up!!

In middle school I went to a fancy store and was able to buy just a few sheets at a time.  I chose these super cute music themed paper and envelopes.  They got their own yellow folder to live in.

College maybe?  Trying to be a bit more adult, I went with a subtle print, comes in a box of the same print!

Definitely college.  I'm writing down deep thoughts at the time.  Possibly cringe-worthy now, but they were honest and of their time, no shame in that.

Grad school!!  We sent out our wedding invitations (hand made) in these old map envelopes.  We share a love of travel and it was a destination wedding back in the day before it was a thing (1998, yes, yes I do remember the year of my wedding without looking it up)

Grad school-embracing my fun side for sure.  Great to send to kids.

Grad school!  1995  Love the artist Shag.  Love Disneyland.  Love the Enchanted Tiki Room.  Only very special people will get one of these cards.  I have a puzzle of the orange card.

Last decade, likely from a museum store.  One of my favorite artists.  I've moved more towards cards so this is a rare stationary set.  I haven't written enough letters to grown-ups and the set is almost full. 

Last decade for sure because they are retro.  How cute are these!!

Last decade.  We still love travel.  Love all of our national (and state and county) parks so I try to buy supporting items when possible.  
I love my stationary!!

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Visiting the shoreline, August 2020

Visiting the shoreline, August 2020

Visited our local shoreline with some friends.  I love this art at the entrance.

The park is right on the edge of the bay so the water line is usually low.

The mudflats are maybe not the prettiest, but the birds love it. 

Pelican island


Thursday, August 20, 2020

Weird weather, August 2020

 Weird weather, August 2020

Rain in August?  Super weird.  It started very early in the morning with thunder and lightning.  It woke me up so I checked it out.  Beautiful but unsettling.  No one else was out, just me and the weather for 10 minutes.  No big story, just pictures of the sky.

Caught the lightning!

Spotted this little spider hanging out in a tree.

All that lightning caused fires which cause this orange sky morning.

Spent the whole morning seeing the world through rose colored light.