Monday, April 25, 2011

Disneyland, Spring Break 2011

I love Disneyland!
I love getting my friends to love Disneyland!
I love showing new people Disneyland!

This was a very exciting trip because it was the same group that just went to Denver, but with the kids!  Highlights of the trip were:  Seeing the World of Color show from our rooms on the 13th floor of the Paradise Pier.  The boys rollercoaster rides-Logan says the Go Coaster is a 1, Big Thunder Mountain is a 2, and the Matterhorn is a 3, and maybe he doesn't need to ride it again right now.  Lori's first ride on the Tower of Terror.  Dinner at the Jazz kitchen with the ridiculously delicious soups, greens, and bread puddings.  Meeting Lightning McQueen and Mickey Mouse.  Special breakfast for Savannah with Mickey and friends.  The Tiki room!  The Jungle Cruise, three times!  Small World.  Riding the train two whole times around the park.  The water slide.  Small children staying up sooooooooo late.  Habanero Margarita at the Surf's Up bar.

One great tip that we figured out on this trip is what to do on your last day.  Say you are leaving mid-afternoon, so you don't want to buy tickets for the park, what to do with that extra time in the morning?  Have the character breakfast at one of the hotels, but nearer to lunch, when everyone else is already in the park.  This way you get more time with the characters and it is more relaxed.

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