Friday, August 26, 2011

SFMOMA Stein exhibit August 2011

Krista and I took in some culture by going to the SFMOMA's exhibit of art owned by the Stein's.  First I got to see her new lab-shiny!  Then we got slightly lost around Market Street (par for the course if I am going somewhere even slightly new-ish).  But we made it in and spent a good hour viewing the works that the Stein family (Gertrude being the most famous) collected, mainly Picasso and Matisse.  The collection is beautifully curated-they took family photos of the different apartments that the Steins lived in showing the art on the walls, and then placed those works in the room.  It flows chronologically as well so you get to see the artists changing.

Remembering what I learned from Tufte, I consciously did not read the introductions and looked first, or exclusively, at the art.  What I found is that I really liked Matisse and I prefer the sketches to the paintings.  Many of the sketches are quickly drawn-a family portrait on the back of a postcard, the happy dancing barbarians at the close of note (Hey Gertrude, How about I come over and we look at the Gaugins and then have lunch?  Picasso).

And the Picasso chicken sketch.

And the painting of the statue of the painting :)

For dinner we went around the corner to The Grove Cafe Yerba Buena.  Yummy comfort food, but modernized (chicken pot pie and mac and cheese), nice salads and drinks, and fun/funky atmosphere (medieval hunting lodge with lots of seating?).  I would totally go here again, though it sounds like it can get stupid busy and then there will be issues.

Nice evening out!

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