Friday, February 24, 2012

Christmas 2011

A quick trip to Minnesota for Christmas with family. Most unusual weather-no snow and not even truly cold!

This was my traditional Christmas-great dinner, fun white elephant, singing, presents, almost exactly as we have done if for all the 40 years I can remember. E- has learned to love it all, but especially the day after.  December 26th-visit the Mall of America for lunch, gift returns and a visit to the Peep store.  Yes, a whole store dedicated to sugar covered marshmallows.  They manage to fill the store with extras-plushies, keychains and candles.  The really fantastic thing is that they are giving out free foam hats and almost everyone in our group of 12 gets one...and proceeds to wear them throughout the mall for the next couple hours.  We are quite a site-if you were there that day you could not miss us!

December 27th we take a special trip to the SPAM museum in Austin, MN.  A movie, some history, a practice factory, and samples!
Each Golden cube is an empty SPAM can.

 SPAM Craft


Movie theater entrance

They have Monty Python on a loop. Everybody can learn the words to SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, Eggs and SPAM

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