Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bay to Breakers 2012

Finished the Bay to Breakers again...seemed like fewer people (101 not as popular as 100), but more naked people.  No after party, which was a little sad.  And the registration was confusing to me, because I did not sign us up for t-shirts.  We have definitely seen the end of an era.  When we started running B2B, we got to see the tiki bar and drunken frat boys pushing kegs in grocery carts.  Now it is cheaper to clean up after, and safer, but less flavorful for sure.

Best costumes?  Nyan cat, Settler of Catan ('Catan or Bust', 'Will Trade Wheat for Sheep'), and the Greendale  Community college mascot the human being.  No ponies-how sad!

The Bay                                                            The Breakers

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