Saturday, August 11, 2012

Great America Amusement Park, August 2012

Trip to Great America with some friends because we love roller coasters!

The only two story carousel I have ever seen!  I rode once on the top, which everyone wants to go on and once on the bottom, which had the best animals, lion, dragon, cat, giraffe and ostrich!  Of course the little guy I was riding with was on the verge of a nap and chose to ride in the carriage :)

The water park has a great 2-person raft ride.  It is a big U-shaped slide where you start at the top to pick up speed and get half-way up the other side.  Then you go backwards down to the bottom and it shunts you off to the side, up and over a bump.  Super short, just a little scary, and big fun.

The roller coaster in the picture is the called the Traffic Jam and is a line of taxis with a single police car on the back.  I think we rode it 3 times!  The second time it was just me and little guy and when we got to the line, the ride had just stopped running.  Everyone else got out of line, but he was determined to stay.  So we watched the mechanic and the ride manager arrive.  The problem was the noobie ride operator did not start the breaks soon enough, so the stop point was overshooting the end.  So after a practice training run, they let us on first and we got to ride in the police car.  It was awesome!

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  1. hurrah, what a lot of fun we had! There must be at least a couple days each summer like this - where we play hookey from work and have some summer fun.