Monday, September 24, 2012

Amazon cruise (jungle hike, beach), Peru, September 2012

On the first day of our Amazon cruise it is easy to get up early for sunrise, then our first jungle hike, and an afternoon on the beach.

The very first sunrise off the back of the boat

Our first jungle walk.  We learn the most important lesson-Don't touch the jungle, it is trying to kill you!        If you lean against the wrong tree the ants will swarm all over you.  Many of the plants have medicinal, or poisonous, properties.  There are flying, biting insects, so wear long sleeves and pants.  But it is hot and humid so you will sweat and then need to rehydrate.  And yet we managed to have a good time...

Rudy scratched off the part of this termite nest, the termites will fix it right up.  Did you know you can smash a handful of termites and rub it on your skin as an insect deterrent?  

This is a brazil type nut.  It contains a bonus grub at the end of the nut, which Rudy ate.

This is an armored caterpillar

Epiphytes love the jungle

We stop off at a sandbar to hang at the beach near Dorado
Time to walk
from one end of the beach
 to the other
We spot some cain toads in a hole, the Australians are not impressed :)

Adonay mixes up a bunch of volcanic mud and we get whole body mud masks-but no photos during our beautification process!

When we return the crew has prepped our rooms and every afternoon the towels have a new fun form.

Birthday cake and candle
Shirt and pants!

 Dutch shoes!
Elephant or anteater?

Hanging out on deck

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