Monday, September 24, 2012

Amazon cruise (kayaking, piranha, lilies, party) Peru, September, 2012

Kayaking, breakfast on the skiffs, piranha fishing, final skiff ride, giant lily pads

We are up early because we get to kayak in 2 person kayaks down the river for about 30 minutes.  Most of it is very calm with almost no current, but there is a short stretch where it narrows and becomes just a little fast-super fun!  This morning our breakfast is served in the skiffs, which is totes adorable.  Then we get to fish for piranha.  They are actually quite cute as individuals and we release them, which actually means Rudy releases them for us :)

After lunch we take a final skiff ride.  We get to see a couple of long nose bats hanging out under a log, and the hawk that hunts them.  Also a toucan, the grey-headed hawk and another sloth.  Note to photographers-if you really want to get the wildlife, you should think about trying to be with a group of like-minded folks.  Most of my photos, and those of those with me, look like the ones below. But as I saw them really well with binoculars I don't mind.

The final morning I hung out on the upper deck watching a dolphin for about 20 minutes.  Here is what his ripple looks like :)

This was just before our trip to  Puerto Miguel, a larger town near some of the giant lily pads.  On the young, still opening lily, you can see the underside which is full of scary spikes which keep it from being eaten by fish.

Finally, I have to mention that we had more than one evening of music and dancing-way fun!

Many many thanks to the wonderful crew!

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