Sunday, September 2, 2012

Making Grape Jam

It is Concord grape season and that means grape jam!

Not many folks want to make their own, but it is totally worth it.  The Concord is a hard grape to find as they are only in season for a short time and they don't travel so you have to buy them local.  They are not too hard to process, it just takes a little effort. You can use any recipe, I have been loving the Blue Chair Jam cookbook.

Set up is washed grapes on the left, insides in the pot, skins to be saved.

Find the belly button.


After you cook the insides, you need to separate the seeds.  I haven't found a sieve/spoon combo that I love, but they all work okay.  Toss the seeds, combine the insides with the skins, add sugar and lemon juice and cook.

After it's cooked the color and taste is amazing!

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