Thursday, October 11, 2012

Iguassu, Animals of the jungle, September 2012

Iguassu Falls is in the middle of the jungle and we saw plenty of animals.

Fancy birds

Little lizards

Big lizards

Giant jungle ants!

We didn't see any snakes, hopefully they were happy in the jungle.
I missed a picture of the giant catfish that live at the top of Devil's Throat, but we saw about 5 and one fellow clearly lives in his spot because many people have thrown coins at the spot.

 Butterflies everywhere
No really, everywhere!  

The coaties have little fear of humans and will overrun the snack tables and garbage cans.  

And the monkeys!  They travel in small packs and view humans as vending machines.  One evening we watched from the pool as a troop of 4 scaled the balconies in search of an open door.  They found one and were inside quick as can be.  The hotel security guy had to figure out what room it was and go chase them out.  Seriously, when the note says don't leave your door open-Don't leave your door open!!

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