Thursday, October 11, 2012

Iguassu-Rainbows in the waterfalls, September 2012


My favorite way to end a vacation is with the most relaxing part.  Iguassu Falls is perfect for me-the Sheraton hotel is IN the national park.  We had two full days to walk the park at a relaxed pace and still get back in time to sit by the pool with drinks.

The falls is pretty much impossible to describe.  It seems like it should be easy to explain waterfalls.  But it is just SO MUCH WATER that it is hard to explain.

There are three main areas, the Upper Falls, the Lower Falls, and the Devil's throat.  Each has a sturdy walking path and you can rush through it in an hour, or linger for several.

Views from the Upper Falls

The little spots are the birds that practically live in the waterfalls.

We went back the second day in the afternoon when the rainbows were out.

The Lower Falls is where you go to get drenched.  There is a walkway that is the closest to the falls you can get.  We checked it out on the first day, but there was a long line, so we came back first thing in the morning and had it completely to ourselves!

You can also take boat trips that bring you into the spray.  The one we really wanted to do-to the island-was not running because there was too much water.

 Tiny boat!

The Devil's Throat is crazy busy with people.  I would recommend you walk out and take the train back. It maximizes the butterfly viewing and is a nice walk through the jungle.  On our walk there was a constant stream of yellow butterflies coming at us down the train track/trail.  Once you are there, enjoy the constant sound of rushing water.  

We took one side trip to Macuco Falls.  The waterfall was not very large and the trail to the bottom, which was the main reason to go was closed, but we had a nice walk in the jungle.

 Funky jungle flowers

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