Monday, November 5, 2012

Seed stitch scarf, wavy blanket and seed bombs, November 2012

A couple of projects I've finished recently

I needed a project on my recent vacation that was easy to carry and not complicated-scarf!  I grabbed a wavy yarn and an incredibly simple pattern, the seed stitch.  That is knit, purl, knit an odd number of stitches.  Turn around and purl, knit, purl.  The seed stitch usually gives a bumpy texture, but with the wavy yarn it came out smooth, but stretchy and curled onto itself-I love it!

I also finished knitting a blanket with a wavy boxes pattern.  This had a more complicated pattern and I totally ended up with holes and issues that I was too lazy to fix at the time and am now regretting it.  Sigh.  Maybe I will make this again with a better yarn and more attention.

My favorite-seed bombs!  Mix an even equal amount of seeds (mine are California poppies-a hearty native) and compost.  Mix in with 5X clay and make drop cookie size balls.  Let them dry at least a day and then distribute someplace you can't garden on a regular basis.  I dropped mine near the freeway entrance. I hope that in the spring some of them will bloom.  I am now a guerilla gardener!

And in my yard I do get to garden regularly, so I planted flowers and herbs and lettuce.

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