Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Get a Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Completely poorly timed post-yeah!

Getting a live Xmas tree:  I like the look and smell of a live tree but it doesn’t always happen since it is more work and more expensive.  This year I found a system I really like.  The Pacifica Land Trust is trying to get rid of Monterey Pines from specific ocean side hills where it is considered an invasive species.  For one day they invite the public to come and hike the trail and cut their own Charlie Brown tree.  These are not farmed trees, so they are not perfectly shaped.  Ours had a large hole on one side and looked completely wind blown from one side.  But you can’t tell at night with the lights on!

During the hike we saw some amazing fungus, had a great view of the ocean, and when the fog blew in we didn’t see the ocean.

Part of the holidays were in the cabin in the mountains with picture perfect snow.

But back at home my fava beans had sprouted,

and my Christmas cactus bloomed.

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  1. Thanks for telling me about this - I'm especially excited about the idea these may not drop as many needles because they'll only have been cut on the day we go.

    I hope to get a tree here this year !