Saturday, July 27, 2013

Up in the Sierras

Camp Nelson, July 2013

Part of our summer vacation is time with the family up at Camp Nelson, a small mountain town.  This is really one of those places where you wave at everyone you pass on the road, doesn't matter if you know them or not, you wave!

We had some unusually rainy weather.  This is great because the fire danger is always high in the dry summer, but just so out of character that folks couldn't remember it happening before.  We were trying out the new tent and even though the skies were cloudy, we wanted to take of the fly so that we could let the outdoors in.  It was fine for about 30 minutes and then the big rain started.  We laughed at ourselves for thinking we wouldn't get rained on and E- ran out and struggled the fly back on alone-what a great sport!

A popular drink in Camp Nelson is bubbly lemonade made from the local soda spring.  It has an underlying mineral taste, but mix it with lemonade concentrate and it is the perfect summer refreshment.

The water bubbling up

dip in your container to bring it home.

The sweet peas are in bloom and the bees are into the flowers.

The whole area is in the Sequoia National Forest and there are a couple of spots where you can get to the river.  The only sad thing is there was so much trash!  we packed out as much as we could, but I wish we could have gone another day to get some more-so sad!

You do have to climb down to the river, but at least there are stairs.

And of course we enjoyed the sunsets

There are also a couple of larger animals in the area. 

On the rainy afternoons we hung out inside the cabin, reading and eating all day.  It doesn't get much more vacation-y than that.

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  1. Had a great time hanging with you at the cabin. The time we spent was much too short. Roger and I look forward to seeing more photos from your Summer adventures!