Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Henry Cowell State Park

August 2013

Made it to a new park this weekend, Henry Cowell (not to be confused with Henry Coe, which is just south of San Jose-great for spring wildflowers).  Cowell is one of the Santa Cruz mountain parks and is full of Redwoods!

There are a couple of very large trees here-usually they are 1500-2000 yrs old.

We also walked along Eagle Creek-looks just like a postcard.

The spiders are working hard but there are not a lot of insects.

During a fire, a redwood will often burn at the base.  Because there it so much water in the trunk, it will extinguish the fire with only minimal damage.  The hole can be quite large but the tree just keeps growing.

Then the trunk will regrow around it-today you have to duck to get into the hollow of the tree but 200 years ago a 6 ft person could enter easily.

Thanks to the Walkers for getting us out there!

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