Tuesday, October 22, 2013

House on the Rock, Part II

House on the Rock, August 2013

Heritage of the Sea room

Another famous area is The Heritage of the Sea rooms.  

All nautical collections are on the walkways surrounding a FANTASTIC squid vs blue whale battle.  There is no good way to photograph the whole room (I didn't have my new android phone with 360 photos-drat!).  But here you can see the scope, that is me, pointing to the whale!

And the whale from a few more angles

I do wish they would have told us a little about how they made these!

Squid eye!

And then you need some actual whale stuff in your ocean collection...

Scrimshaws-everything carved onto whale bone or teeth.

Shell art makes me think of the SpongeBob SquarePants movie :(  

There were about 30 model ship displays, but I liked the exhibit about the Queen Mary, since I had just visited her!

And then perhaps because there was no where else to put them, this is where they put the collection of 'vases of female busts with holes in the head'.  So that is a thing you can collect.
Is she supposed to be a green alien?  This is one of the few pieces I would have in my home.

And the Virgin Mary statues clearly fit in best with this collection.

 If my head had not been so full, I would have spent more time looking at the masks and puppets.   I wish there were more info about these.  Were they originals?  Where did they come from?

And just before the snack shop, is the Burma shave collection-awesome!

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