Wednesday, October 30, 2013

House on the Rock, Part III

House on the Rock, Part III

Worlds Largest Carousel

The Bathrooms
Even the bathrooms have themes, so don't be shocked when folks poke their head in to look.
The women's room has the kimono collection

and the men's has some taxidermy.

And the novelty phone themed bathrooms....Alf!

The Carousel is one of the main reasons folks come to the House on the Rock.  It is an important place in Neil Gaiman's American Gods and you can usually pick out the people who are here because they read about it (including us).

And when all those lights are in motion....

 Here are some of the horses that don't fit on the carousel

And these are some of the angels that watch over the carousel.

There are a couple rooms filled with doll houses.  Not super interesting to me, but this one had a nice set of bunnies.  I'm not even going to show you the collection of circus stuff-too many creepy clowns!

And in the final building is where they keep the whiskey barrel/moonshine bottle/beer stein collection.  

And the organ pipe collection

 Even better when they are together with trees

My favorite set of pipes were the extra large, rectangular, wooden ones.

Set of extra large wrenches

Circuit boards from the 90s!

Alex Jordan wanted this room to represent the circles of hell, and the walkways are fun curvy paths.  But it doesn't really seem hell-ish until just on your way out you get the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

After all that you are grateful to walk through the very tasteful gardens to the gift shop.  We were so tired out from being in awe and yet I would do it again because this is really someplace to see.


  1. It is in Springreen Wisconsin. Just a little north of Madison, so it is quite a trip from California. We combined it with trip to family and clearing out a storage unit no one had been in for a decade!