Wednesday, October 9, 2013


The house now has many more Small Purring Objects, three new kittens-yeah!

Mr. R Darcy is the larger 6 month old.  He loooooves his mouse toy and will carry his mouse/string/paper ball with him to a mysterious hide out.  He doesn't always love to cuddle, but when he does he likes full body petting will snuggle into your hand.

Younger siblings Spock (on the right) and The Great and Powerful Trixie (on the left) are about 3  months.  Trixie is the explorer and is happy to be off by herself more than the boys.  Very bright golden eyes and loves to play chase with R Darcy (you can read that as 'R' or 'Our' or 'Arrrr').  Spock prefers to be near the humans and is the most snuggly.  But he is paying close attention and is most interested in what is beyond the doors that the humans disappear through.

They have do spend time as a whole group.  They like to travel about the house together and they try to nap.  Spock (in the middle) just wanted a nap, but Trixie and R Darcy could not settle and spent 10 minutes going around and around Spock.  R Darcy finally went to the other couch :)

Also, the pickled peppers were such a hit we made another batch.  One of just sweet onions and the non-habanero peppers, one of just pearl onions and habaneros, and one like last time, less hot.

And now we plant the winter garden; kale, lettuce, onions, cauliflower and snapdragons and poppies for color.  Soon I will plant the fava beans.  Thanks to Larry for getting me started by planting the kale!

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