Thursday, November 21, 2013

Potato and tomato soup, Buhdda's hand citron, fall

I got a neat cook book that is all soup (thanks Little Friend T!!), but I started with Roasted Root vegetable and never really moved on, so this winter I will be trying out more.  Today was Potato and Tomato with Sage to use up the last of the summer tomatoes :( 

Biked to the produce market and picket up veggies, then out to my garden for herbs.
Skimpy on the potatoes, since I am meh about potatoes

Herbs from the garden

Skinned tomatoes and chopped herbs

Onions before and after 40 minutes of low, slow cooking.

And you have soup!

A few years ago I bought a Buddha's Hand Citron tree because I had no idea what one was and there was only one, but the picture of the fruit was so....odd.  It is one weird fruit-there is no actual fruit inside, it is all skin and pith.  It is used to scent a room (a lovely mild citrus), flavor alcohol, or cooked with sugar it makes 'citron', most often found in fruitcake.  This summer the tree got transplanted and is thriving so we have 6 on the tree when we usually get 2.  The first one ripened and we turned it into citron.

How could you resist this Lovecraft inspired fruit!

Diced and soaking in sugar.

drying out

 Coat in sugar

I used a strainer to separate from the sugar


It really is fall-though we don't get snow in Silicon Valley, the leaves still turn colors.

And need to be raked-I will clean up this pile about 4 times this fall!

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