Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 Xmas tree

December 2013

So we went and got our tree yesterday from the Pedro Point Headlands.  And they warned everyone that most of the trees were too small, too large, or too sparse.  But that was okay-we don't care about a perfect tree, these smell so awesome and it is such a good time.

We decided we would cut off a couple branches from one of the  too large trees.  A couple branches were already gone, from this tree, so it seemed like a perfect idea.

Our Peacock tree!

And look how adorable this branch is. 
But that was the SMALL branch we cut

I'm thinking maybe wait to decorate until the excitement has worn off.

Somehow we ended up with a 10 foot tree!  It is awesome-bringing the outdoor in.  Smells fantastic everytime you walk past.  Maybe the fact we had to 50 ft of thick rope should have clued us in....Thanks to Katie and John (Kahn!) for being part of it this year!

Sadly, we also have a small cat shaped hole in the house.  After weeks of fighting a nasty virus, Trixie The Great and Powerful (the littlest in front) is no more.

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