Monday, December 30, 2013

Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, Legion of Honor

December 2013

A great day up in the city with Kahn since the Golden Gate Bridge is a must do in San Francisco.  The only trouble is you don't really know what the weather is going to be and it changes so quickly.  At least half the times I go to see the bridge it is in fog either at the start or the end-oh well, you get what you get!

This time it was totally foggy when we arrived

Which made for some interesting foggy views.

But we just kept walking on the bridge for another 15 minutes and sure enough, it started to clear
Until we had perfectly clear views-yeah!

As long as you are on the north side of the bridge, you might as well go to Sausalito for lunch, right?

We found a Fish, which specializes in sustainable seafood right on the waterfront-yeah!  It is a little back the main road but it was packed and the food was perfect, so I'm not surprised.  Yeah, I maybe forgot to take pictures until it was almost too late ;)

The fish tacos have lots of crunchy veg and homemade sauces

It is Dungeness crab season 
so we had to get the crab roll

and the whole crab-holy cow these were good.  I am so slow at crab...but when someone does all the work and you eat a crab roll?  Decadence!

And then because it had a quince compote we ate the cheesecake.  I am usually not a cheesecake fan, but this was not too sweet or creamy, more cake like, but not...excellent at any rate.

Then a stop at the Legion of Honor
We specifically wanted to see the Matisse that is on loan from SFMOMA but as the museum is not too big we checked out the other exhibits too.  They are restoring one of their rooms and have the restorers on view, which is pretty neat to see.  But I was particularly taken with a weird portion of the porcelain exhibit.  Clearly you want your soup tureen to look like a melon, your platters and teapots to look like lettuce and a covered bowl to look like asparagus.  

And at the end of the day I enjoyed this tree in the Presidio-oh! ah! wow!

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