Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Redwoods, banana slugs, Pescadero Beach

A couple of great things you can see in a just a half day from Silicon Valley.

First stop is Heritage Grove in Sam MacDonald County park.  It is not the biggest redwoods, or the largest number of them, but if was saved from being logged by locals who loved them.

They are still quite impressive

The area has always been a lucky place for spotting banana slugs!  It was still frosty at 11am when we started hiking

But we spotted three of the little guys in no time at all.

Do you see him?  There it is!

As long as you are practically over the mountains, you might as well continue on to the ocean.  Pescadero Beach was awesome-not too much wind, a little tide pooling, a little surfing and a picnic spot-yeah!

Thanks Kahn! Dec 2013

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