Friday, January 17, 2014

Montauk, The Highline

August 2013


We took a day to do something completely new-visit Montauk, NY (nickname The End).  One reason is that we wanted a day of relaxation and since it is a 4 hour train ride in each direction, we got a lot of reading and relaxing in the process.  You get to see much of Long Island, including the famous Hamptons.
Well, sort of see.....

On arrival we simply grabbed one of the cabs and asked to go out to the lighthouse, the first to be built in New York state.

Just our luck that it was a windy damp day, unlike the perfect day on the brochure.  But at least it wasn't winter cold as well.  I love lighthouses and always like to think about the keepers-what a mentally tough job to be so cut off from everyday, 'normal' life.

I love that they want you to know about the Fish of Montauk.

It is a very small lighthouse and only ~15 people can be up in the tower, so we waited 30 minutes just for our chance to climb just a few flights.  

But the view is lovely and you can see some of the the original iron work.

Of course there are exhibits at the bottom.  There is a nice Fresnel lens and this model of the bay and  lighthouses (Montauk is the bottom right corner)

You can also walk the grounds to get close to the ocean

and the beach

Part of the area is Camp Hero 

where you can spot some old radar dishes.

Our cabbie arrived exactly at 1 to pick us up where he had dropped us off and for lunch recommended Shagwong.  It is an old school restaurant a bit past its heyday, but with a great set of old photos on the wall.  

We ate the local seafood because who knows when we will be back?!

Cute downtown pack, very relaxed atmosphere.  Actually, I can see how it would be pretty awesome to come here for a week and really just learn the area inside and out in total vacation mode.

The Highline

The Highline seems to be one of those things that we do almost every time.  It is so simple, but always so refeshing.  
They provide good spots to look back into the city but surround you with nature.

There is always some fun art.  
This is a 2 minute recording listing 'good' and 'bad' animals.  I found I had a real problem when they listed sharks and bats as bad-I started to protest to E-....hey that is good art!
We also got to see art in progress

And always the people watching

We also had good people watching at Times Square

and at the Barclays Center where we watched a henna tattoo in process and hot-roding motorcyclists (is that even what they call it these days???).  A good time was had by all-till next time NYC!


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