Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New York City Food and Theater highlights

August 2013

When in New York, you can't help but eat well.  The competition is so fierce that anyplace that is below average dies...raising the average.  We had both new and nostalgia eating on our recent trip.  New to us was Grimaldi's pizza-pepperoni pizza in a classic New York style (thin crust, not too much cheese).  They are apparently super busy in Brooklyn, but we ate out in Long Island and were able to relax while waiting out the rain.
Even had time for cannoli

Also new to us was Nathan's Famous hot dogs

This is the place that sponsors the hot dog eating contest and indeed the dogs are classic.  They are all over the city, but we went to the one at Coney Island-good people watching as tourists and locals of all types eat here.  Are the dogs really all that special?  Sadly I am going to say no, the street vendors are just as good I think.  But maybe I am not that picky about my dogs.

We were staying with friends Em&M and together we ate and drank VERY well at Fatty 'Cue, Surfish (Peruvian), and especially at Ma Peche (part of the Momofuku group).
sorry bad photo!  But I had to include something from the Ma Peche dinner which is one of my top 3 best dining experiences of all time.

And then momofuku cookies to go.

Our final food was Dallas BBQ, purely for nostalgia.  During college we used to go in a group to the one in the village to drink lots of frozen drinks.  This time the two of us hit the one in Times Square which still has the frozen drinks.  The food is not bad, but it is not the healthiest and come in GINORMO portions so adjust accordingly.

While in New York we were able to go to the theater a few times and got in a nice variety pack of experiences.

Vanya, Sonia, Masha and Spike was totally new to me.  It is a drama/comedy about getting older/growing up, your own/your families/societies expectations about your like.  It has a nice balance between the thoughtful and the funny and it didn't hurt that we got to see David Hyde Pierce in a staring role.  This is something you could see with your parents and everyone would be happy.

Avenue Q on the other hand you should never see with your parents or kids.  It is also about growing up and expectations but includes puppet sex.  And Gary Coleman.  I won't spoil the plot, but if you can handle a little off color humor this is one of the funniest musicals around.  The themes are universal enough that I can imagine college kids putting it on in 50 years and it still being funny.

Potted Potter was a last minute TKTS purchase.  This is definitely kid friendly and best for fans.  If you haven't at least seen the movies you will be lost.   If you are even a casual fan like me (read the books through twice and seen all the movies at least once) it is pure enjoyable silly (British) humor.  

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