Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rosicrucian Egyptian museum

January 2014, Rosicrucian Egyptian museum in San Jose

The Rosicrucians are an interesting philosophical group (not a religion!) with a deep interest in Egypt.  Their headquarters, and museum, just happen to be here in San Jose.  

The complex of buildings are the museum, the planetarium, some members-only building and gardens.  They are well maintained and popular with wedding party photo shoots.

Inside is a fine collection of items.  Some are authentic ancient artifacts, some are castings from the original pieces in the British museum or Louvre, and some are hand built models.

Can't deny that Hammurabi was influential.  The informational placards are well written-I hate it when they really don't tell you anything.

A model of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  I have to admit I kind of want to build models.  It takes attention to detail and is fiddly. 

A substantial collection of cylindrical seals, used like a signature on clay documents.

There is a bunch of stuff for kids to do-hidden messages you can only see with a black light (get it from the front desk) and stamps.  And the place was busier than I expected-nice to see folks interested in ancient history.

Also a substantial collection of amulet pieces

And of course cat statuary-they even have a cat mummy.

Haven't you always wondered about frankincense and myrrh?  Here it is-not gorgeous like gold, but valuable in that it is only for kings and gods.

We checked out the literature and it is an interesting mix of many different takes on self-improvement.  They are not pushy from anything I saw, so I can respect that-nice job Rosicrucians!

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