Saturday, February 8, 2014

Phoenix, Chihuly at the Desert Botanical Gardens

February 2014
It was quite a treat to see the Chihuly exhibit on our trip to Phoenix as it was set in the Desert Botanical Garden.  The gardens are gorgeous on their own (see the photos in the previous post) but to place the glass sculptures in and among the cacti and succulents was a smart move.

This set was maybe the most out of place-the pink and lavender remind me of birthday cake-but I like it because it is so fun.   

My favorite for looking like it belongs

Interesting from the most number of angles

This particular red is very good, perhaps a bit too close to blood among all the prickly cacti.

Great placement

Most interesting color.  Rather than the brights in the rest of the pieces, these are the most 'cactus' colored.  Reminds me of asparagus.

This was titled 'Belugas' hmmm....

I've seen other Chihulys that are similar, but this is the first I've seen where it is an actual boat floating on actual water, not just a representation.

I like that you can see many of these from far away.

They are offering a set of times specifically for photographer to come to the exhibit.  Sunrise and sunset and with a professional on hand to answer questions-super smart!  I will look for something like that in my area.

Oh!  And the restaurant, Gertrude's, is fantastic-locally sourced egg dishes for breakfast, fancy coffee etc.

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