Wednesday, February 19, 2014

See ALL the Geysers, Epic Yellowstone, Day 1

Epic Yellowstone 2013

So of course you are going to go see Old Faithful

We figured we should see it on the first day.

 The road getting there gives you some hints that there is underground thermal activity.

Everyone wants to see the famous geyser.

We ate lunch in the lodge-gorgeous old structure with giant windows to keep you eye on Old Faithful.  We had just finished when it started to go off so most folks were already in place.

No really, EVERYONE wants to see the geyser.  This is the crowd that you get in the slow season...I kind of want to stay at the lodge and come out in the middle of the night...

Old Faithful just happens to be the most regular of the geysers in this basin.  We set off on the trails to see some of the others in the basin.  This is pretty much the best idea ever.  The crowds quickly shrink, the geysers and springs are plentiful and close to the walking path.

We didn't have to go very far before we found Castle Geyser

They are all different and interesting in their own way-like ocean waves.  
All noise and smoke and bubbling

some that look calm go off unexpectedly

some of the springs just bubble

sometimes effects other than the geyser are the highlight.

Of course most of the geysers are not going off continually-

We watched the water recede from a pool before the nearby geyser erupted.  The signage is good and tells you what to look for.  It makes sense since many of these are connected underground.

Some places were just exotic looking pools.

best name of the day.

My favorite of the day was Riverside.  There was already a crowd because the estimated time of eruption was close.  There was even a group of geyser watchers with walkie-talkies who were very excited whenever they caught one.

This was a large crowd for being a mile or two out from Old Faithful.

 Riverside geyser is by the side of the river

When it goes off the water falls spectacularly into the river

and if you catch it just right you can see the rainbows.

The others decided to troop about some more, but Mayfly and I went back to the lodge and ate ice cream by the fireplace.  Nice iconic Old Faithful-yes?  

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