Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Obsidian cliffs and melted marshmallows, Epic Yellowstone, Day 4

Epic Yellowstone 2013

Preview of the melted marshmallows

The morning of day 4 we saw some of the best geology-the Obsidian cliffs

Early morning view of the low lying fogs that collect around some thermal features

Close up of the obsidian ribbons inside the rocks

Do not take the obsidian home!  There was some on the ground that we were able to examine a put back!

The Angel terrace is on a short walk just off the main road.  It is another of the landscapes that look like the moon.  But whereas Norris was rapidly changing, this area is much less active and you shouldn't expect much change.  (Unless of course the super volcano blows!  Apparently the area is overdue for a seismic event)

A nice example of young 'bobby socks trees' 

After all the other sites, the lack of color in this area is just odd.  

Odd, but beautiful.

About a third of the pretty pattern pictures came from this area-everything looks trapped in motion.

Do you see the melted marshmallows?  

There is hot water still pouring out, but no dramatic bubbling or splashing.

Am I the only one who sees screaming faces trapped in the rock?

This was the spot where E- did a fantastic job backing the RV into a space in the crowded lot-yeah back up mirrors!

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