Monday, March 24, 2014

Tower Falls, Forces of the Northern Range, Epic Yellowstone, Day 4

Epic Yellowstone, 2013

This afternoon we saw almost no thermal features!  We did learn about the flowers and trees.

Tower Falls-I love the different levels of the falls.


Random geology spot.

Yet another waterfall.  After a few days you get a bit immune-oh yes, of course there will be amazing waterfalls or bubbling water pools.  But then when you are back in regular life you can remember that we were just surrounded-couldn't escape the beauty-what a great problem to have.

I have a feeling not many people stop to hike the Forces of the Northern Range Trail.  There are no thermal features, waterfalls or canyons and probably not any big wildlife.  It is not very long and no challenges.  Some might call it boring.  I found it refreshing, meditative and yes, informative.

It was an almost rainy day-great clouds

We had a big debate about the plants-was this the fireweed?  Are these two the same plant at different stages?  It starts as a red/purple flower that seems to burst like dandelions.  But we had no definitive guide.  

Flower guides are super hard-the flowers can look so different from the pictures I am never really sure.  

Is this the fireweed? 

There were aspens around this meditative sitting area-delightful

They leave the remains of the trees which are important to smaller animals and the whole ecosystem.

Somehow I didn't take any photos at the Museum of the National Park Ranger-probably the cutest place ever.  A small 2 room cabin where they explain the history of the rangers.  In the early days they were supposed to be both  brave and humble.  In the 70s women joined and eventually folks got over it and everyone gets to wear the not so fashionable outfits :)

And then on the last leg we saw a bunch of people stopped off the road...a bear siting!!  A couple of our folks saw it, but not me, as I was driving.  So here is a bison.

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