Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hike to Mystic Falls! Epic Yellowstone, Day 5

Epic Yellowstone 2013

On our last day we opted for a slightly longer hike to gorgeous Mystic Falls.  It was a nice length-not too long, not too steep, but a good half day.  The payoff is spectacular.

Much of the hike is along the rushing river.

Some hikers climb up the waterfall-I didn't see the path but I saw them up there.  It looks like if you turn the corner there is another great view.

It's impossible to capture the whole experience in a photo, but it is a good reminder for me.

One last visit to the thermal features-the area near Old Faithful has a little of everything
steamy vents

beautiful colors

We got to see Mustard Spring, which is actually two pools next to each other, connected underground, fill, bubble up and drain!

By this time we are used to seeing a lone old cranky buffalo that hangs out near civilization because he has gotten kicked out of the pack.  But I am still not used to the folks who are willing to get so close-I know it is not likely, but how stupid would you feel if you got gored!

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