Friday, May 16, 2014

Flowers at Filoli

Filoli May 2014
Another all flower post....

Turns out I love flowers...I can't seem to not take photos of them and the Filoli gardens are fantastic.   As kids we had the red version of these Columbine and would eat the very bottom bulb to get a taste of sweet nectar.

The house is large, but the gardens are enormous.

The sunken garden and walled garden area have a formal air to them-English garden style, very organized

so so many!

Lilacs!  Out here I have been growing the native ceanothus lilac which is beautiful but tiny compared to what I grew up with in the midwest like these.

Then the rose garden-so many varieties!! It is worth it to stop and smell as some of them are extremely fragrant. 

The High Place-designed to look down the alley to the rest of the garden

the view from the High Place

of course there is a pool

and another walled garden



So many flowers-I wonder if they have a teaching program for the gardening...

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