Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day 2014, 3D puzzles are hard!

Memorial Day weekend 2014

We got to go to a friends house in the Morro Day area over Memorial Day weekend-yeah!  We did so many fun things but I got obsessed with the puzzle.  These 3D ones are harder than you think!

A couple others got obsessed as well and we finished just before heading out :)

We went wine tasting

at Tablas Creek and Terry Hoage-both have many lovely wines.

We played great games: The Great Dalmuti, Apples to Apples and Split Decision

We went to the beach, though only a few were willing to brave the cold water

 I did not go in but instead played with the sand crabs-do you know how many are under there?  When the water goes out, scrape with your foot and you will see them all scrabble about-icky!

And at the end we ate in downtown Morro Bay
you know you are there when you see the 3 stacks. 

We even got to see some maritime history.

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