Monday, May 19, 2014

PEZ museum

May 2014

Did you even know there was a PEZ museum?  Unless you are already a collector, you may not realize that there is a museum and even a number of conventions.
The original sign from Austria.  
Pez originally came only in peppermint flavor and pez is an abbreviation of the Austrian word for peppermint.

3 different hulks!

a Pez xmas tree-yeah Kermit!

The world's largest Pez dispenser-it dispenses boxes that hold a Pez dispenser-cute!

patriotic Pez for the bicenntenial

the patent

Pez art

But the museum is not just Pez, they also have a nice collection of classic toys
I still have a box of my View Masters-we would buy a new set when we went on vacation.  I have Mesa Verde and Santa's workshop from the top of Pike's Peak.

I loved Coloforms and I had this exact Bozo one-though I loved my Snoopy and Holly Hobby.

They also have a nice collection of banned toys-those that were discontinued because they were dangerous.
I had not heard of this on, it is like a chemistry set, but contained actual radioactive material-bonus!

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  1. If you look closely at the hair, there are 4 different Hulks!